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Membership (6)

Payment Options

For renewing member.

How do I renew my membership?

A renewal member application form will be in your member pocket the month of membership expiry.
If you have not received an application form, or you have lost it, a member on duty can get one out of
the Membership section of the duty folder. Complete and sign the renewal membership form. The
form and money (either cash or cheque) can be taken to a duty session. Make sure a member on
duty gives you a receipt.
Your renewed membership will start from your expiry month, until the end of that month the following

Roster Duty Bond

Each member is asked to do 4 duty sessions. This is to ensure there are enough people available to run each session. Anyone in your family can do your family’s duty session. To make it easier, children can come along, please keep a look out for them.

The Roster Duty Bond ($50) is paid when joining. If you are a no show at your rostered session and you do not contact us, we will deduct a fee from your bond.

At the end of your membership, if you have completed your required 4 sessions, the money will either be rolled over to the following membership year or
refunded if you choose not to renew.
Paying a Duty waiver (paying a fee instead of doing duty) is not available, as we solely rely on members to operate the Toy Library. If we increase the number of members in the future, we may offer this in certain situations.
Members may need to top up their bond at renewal where required.

If any fines are overdue or outstanding, they may also be taken from your bond.

How do I join?

New members can join any time during open sessions. Please come early while the library isn’t too busy. Just come along and speak to our duty members.

How many members do you have?

The library generally has around 70-80 members. We need a minimum of 60 members to operate the library sessions. We are always striving to improve the library to retain and attract new members.

Is the Toy Library membership a yearly fee?

Yes, your membership runs out in the same month you joined, the following year. E.g. If you joined in July, your membership will expire at the end of July the following year.

Stocktake (5)

Is it compulsory to help out at stocktake?

Yes it is compulsory to attend a session at stocktake. All members contribute to the running of the Toy Library by helping out during our annual stock take. During the annual stock take each member helps to clean the toys. You will be emailed about signing up to a stocktake session. If you cannot attend a scheduled stocktake session, please ring/email the Toy Library before signup closes, to arrange another way you can help.

What does each member do during stocktake?

Stocktake consists of two morning sessions and one afternoon session. Each member is expected to attend for three hours at one of these sessions. During stocktake, you will be asked to:

  • Count the pieces that make up each toy
  • Clean toys thoroughly
  • Check for any damage of the toy or bag
  • Review each toy for turnover

When is stocktake?

Stocktake is normally the last weekend of November.

  • Saturday 9 – 12 noon
  • Saturday 1 – 3pm
  • Sunday 9 – 12 noon

What is great about attending stocktake?

  • It is a great opportunity to meet and catchup with local parents who have young children, many who will also be attending the same kindergartens and local schools in the future.
  • After your stocktake session, you can borrow toys for the whole summer holidays. These toys are due back the first week of February. Please bring toys back after summer all shiny and clean for the new year.

Can I bring my kids to stocktake?

Unfortunately no, children cannot come along to stocktake. During stocktake there are hundreds of toys being checked over. This could pose a safety hazard for kids. We also want the sessions to run effectively with everyone’s attention to ensure we finish checking every toy for the new year. Members will need to find an alternative arrangement for their children.

Duty (11)

Am I the only person allowed to complete my duty?

If you are the Wednesday Helper or on duty on Saturdays, anyone can come and do your duty.

Grandparents, older children, aunts & uncles, neighbours are some of the people who done duty in the past.

On Wednesdays, the Key Person needs to have performed duty at least once before, except if you have contacted the Helper and checked that they have performed duty before, then it’s fine to have to someone else to perform duty for you.

Must I perform duty when rostered on?

Yes, it is compulsory to attend when rostered on. Otherwise the session may not open, usually frustrating other members. You may be fined from your bond if you do not attend.

Who runs each session?

2 or 3 members will be rostered on at each borrowing session:

  • Key Person, a member who has performed duty at least once and organises key pick up and drop off, and informs the Second Duty Member all they know, making them ready to be a key person next time.
  • Second Duty Person, a member who recently joined the library.
  • Lead/Committee, on Saturdays we have a 3rd member on, who is a committee or an experienced member who has happily accepted to look after signing up new members and to further inform the duty members about how to operate sessions.

We request duty members arrive 15 minutes before the borrowing session and be able to stay for 10 minutes after the session for pack up.


I’m on duty, what do I do?

We have put together a Cheat Sheet, click here:  Session Duty Cheat Sheet

Duty includes:

  • Setup
  • Toy Returns – counting pieces mostly
  • Toy Borrowing – collecting and stamping toy cards for each toy per member
  • Swapping Roles – the session can get busy, ie. a flood of members returning toys, so duty members will both help on returning toys. Swapping around to which ever task is required. Perhaps filling in while the other duty member signs up a new member.
  • Pack up

When is my rostered duty date?

A roster will be emailed to you at least 1-2 weeks before the next school term.

You will receive an sms reminder before your session. At times we can’t guarantee this as we are only human and things happen. Please don’t rely on this, not receiving it won’t be an excuse for missing duty.

How can I swap my duty date?

If a member is unable to perform their duty they must contact someone else on the roster to swap to a different date. This should be done as soon as possible with at least one week before the duty session. Also contact the roster person to let them know you have swapped. If you cannot find a swap and fail to turn up, the session may not open and your levy will not be refunded.

How can I change my duty day?

If you need to change the day you help on duty, please contact either the Toy Library, your current roster person, or the Membership co-ordinator. Contact details are on the website.

What is a key person?

A key person is a member in charge at the borrowing session. The key person is responsible for opening and closing the Toy Library on their duty day. This may be a Committee member or a regular member who has been a member for six months. The roster person for your day will contact you if you are nominated for a “key” person position. All duty procedures are documented in the Duty Folder at the Toy Library. Training sessions will be scheduled periodically for key people and other interested members.

I missed my duty, what should I do?

If you have missed a duty, call the Toy Library immediately (03) 9564 7200. Fines are imposed if duties are missed.

Are the fines for missed duty?

Simply put you will lose part of your bond.
If in advance you cannot attend your rostered duty, it is your responsibility to organise a swap with another member, keeping the Roster Co-ordinator informed.

Other person did not turn up for duty.

If a member did not turn up for duty, write this in the duty folder and either submit a web form[link] or email your roster person to let them know.

Borrowing (7)

How do I borrow toys?

When borrowing, select the toys and count all the pieces (contents are listed on the bag/card) before presenting to the table for borrowing.
The onus is on the borrowing member to make sure the toy is complete and working before borrowing it.
The duty member will:

  • find the specific borrowing card,
  • reverse card, stamp the return date and write borrowing member number
  • place in borrowing member’s pocket

Borrowing toys takes at least 10 minutes and members should come at least 10 minutes before closing time if they wish to borrow (those coming after this time may only return toys).

How many toys can I borrow?

This depends on your membership:

Toys can be loaned for up to two weeks.

Members can borrow 4, 8 or 12 toys depending on their membership level.

For example, the Bronze membership, you may borrow 4 toys in total:

– 2 Activity, Baby, Construction, Discrimination or Expression Toys

– 2 Games, Music or Puzzle Toys

– Maximum of 1 very popular toy (Green Spot Toy)

Membership table

Bronze Silver Gold Committee
Total Toys 4 8 12 8
Annual $50 $60 $70 $50
Concession $40 $50 $60 $40
Refundable Levy $50 $50 $50 $50
Renewal $50 $60 $70 Free
Activity, Baby, Construction, Dramatic Play Toys 2 4 6 4
Games, Music or Puzzle Toys 2 4 6 4
Max Popular Toys 1 2 3 3


Do I need to clean the toys before I return them?

Yes, all toys must be returned in a clean condition. Most toys can be washed with normal dishwashing liquid (using toothbrush etc. for corners). Do not soak wooden toys or immerse baby toys in water, a hot damp cloth will do. Construction sets can be soaked and left to drain overnight. Ride-ons must be brought inside overnight and not left in the hot sun. Puzzles should be cleaned with a hot cloth and care taken with cardboard puzzles. With the games wipe the boards as well as cleaning the play pieces.

What happens when I return the toys?

Toys are to be returned at least 10 minutes before closing time. The members on duty will count the toy pieces in and return the cards to the card file. Duty people will give members newsletters and collect any fines. Members are to close bags and return the toys to the correct shelves hemselves.

I can’t return toys on the due date.

If you can’t return toys on the due date, inform the toy library, so you will not incur a fine. If you are having trouble returning the toy, let a committee member know so we can ensure that it gets back into circulation as soon as possible and you not accrue large fines.

Are there any fines related to overdue toys?

Yes, there are fines related to overdue toys.

  • For green spot toys: $2.00 per borrowing session (2 borrowing sessions per week = $4 per week; e.g. If toy is due back on Saturday and is returned on Wednesday = 1 borrowing session and a $2.00 fine).
  • Non green spot toys: no fine is imposed for the first week and then $2.00 per week.

In certain unforeseen/compassionate circumstances fines may be waived at the committees’ discretion.

What is a ‘green spot’ toy?

These are high demand toys that are borrowed the most frequently. In order to keep the toys circulating, only one green spot toy may be borrowed per child at a time. Green spot toys/puzzles have a green spot on their borrowing card and on the bag card or on the toy itself.

Toys (5)

Toy safety warnings, where are they?

Due to the uniqueness of all toys, there are various warnings associated with individual toys.

Safety warnings are attached/displayed/attached to the specific toy’s bag.

What about educational-type electronic games?

Eg ‘Leap Frog’, ‘V-Tech’ – It has been decided that these toys are not appropriate for a toy library as they are too fragile and difficult to repair. Of course, if these are donated we will offer them, but only for the life of the toy to keep costs down.

Is there a list of the toys the Toy Library owns?

Yes, we have toy catalogues at the Toy Library. Catalogues are available covering each different toy category (e.g. Activity, Puzzles, Expression, Baby, Coordination, Discrimination, Games, and Music).
They contain pictures and descriptions of the toy including recommended age range. If you are seeking ideas or want to know if a certain toy is in, look through the catalogues to get the toy’s letter/number, and then ask the people on duty to check if it is in.

We have some of our popular toys displayed on our website and facebook.

Are the toys clean?

During our annual stock take, we cleaned all of our toys. The cloth toys are machine washed, all the members wiped, scrubbed all the toys with soapy water or disinfectant spray.

Can I donate toys?


If you toys that are in perfectly good condition that you think other locals families would like to use, please contact us for more details. Drop them off during our sessions or take them to our Toy Co-ordinators house, call our contact number (03) 9579 0898.

All toys are welcome, though please note that we don’t include soft/plush toys in our collection.



Missing or Broken Pieces (6)

I have lost a piece, what should I do?

If you have lost a piece, inform the duty member. The toy can be re-borrowed for an additional two weeks (green spot toys can only be re-borrowed for one week). This will hopefully give you a chance to locate the piece. If you still cannot find the missing piece a $5.00 fine is due for each missing
piece. The duty member will give you a receipt. Keep your receipt, as you will get your money back if you find the piece/s.

Are there any fines related to missing pieces?

Yes, each missing piece requires a $5.00 fine. Keep the receipt, as you will get your money back if  you find the piece.

I have found a missing piece.

Return the missing piece at the borrowing session. If you have kept your receipt, you will get your money back.

I have a broken/damaged piece/toy what should I do?

If a toy or piece has been broken or damaged while in your care, please do not try to fix it yourself.  The Toy Library has a maintenance co-ordinator which handles all broken and damaged toys. A $5.00 fine is due for all broken or damaged pieces. If the damage is severe, you may be asked to pay an additional fine.

The bag for the toy I borrowed is broken, what should I do?

If the bag is damaged, let the duty member know. They will assess the bag and decide if it needs to be replaced.

Are there any fines related to damaged pieces or a damaged toy?

Yes there are fines related to damaged pieces and toys. The immediate fine is $5.00. (In the case of a ‘lost’ piece, retain your receipt or remember your receipt number for a refund in the case of finding the missing part).  If the damage is severe, you may be asked to pay an additional fine. The committee will decide if an additional fine is necessary.

About Oakleigh Toy Library (6)

Do I have to live in Oakleigh?

No, you do not have to live in the Oakleigh to be a member. We encourage those from Hughesdale, Clayton and all other surrounding suburbs.
What forms do I need to fill in?
What ID do I need to provide?

Let us come to you!

We now do a 15-20 minute talk to mothers groups, playgroups, etc. If you are interested, contact us  [link to contact page] and a time and date can be arranged. Just a reminder that we are all parents ith children so these information sessions may therefore be subject to committee members being

Is the Toy Library open during the school holidays?

Yes the Toy Library is open during all school holidays except the summer holidays.

Are you open on public holidays?

The Toy Library is always closed on Easter Saturday.

On public holiday long weekends, it depends. In 2015, we were open every Saturday on long weekends.

Just in case though, if no members sign up for those long weekend Saturdays (rare), we decide to close the session than chase members to perform duty. The roster will show if we are open or not. At best we will send you an email reminding you.

We are closed during December and November.

Can I donate toys?


If you toys that are in perfectly good condition that you think other locals families would like to use, please contact us for more details. Drop them off during our sessions or take them to our Toy Co-ordinators house, call our contact number (03) 9579 0898.

All toys are welcome, though please note that we don’t include soft/plush toys in our collection.



Party Pack (2)

Can I hire just the chairs & tables?

Yes. You can absolutely choose which items you want. If you can let us know in your booking, it would be much appreciated. That allows other families to hire the other items.

What happens if we damage an item while on loan to me?

For your safety, please stop use of the items while on loan.

Report it to the party pack coordinator when you return it. The coordinator will look over to observe the damaged, and will inform the committee who while decide on the appropriate repair and cost involved. You will be notified when a decision has been made.

For the safety of families, it is very important that we are aware of any damage to items.