Roster Duty Bond

Each member is asked to do 4 duty sessions. This is to ensure there are enough people available to run each session. Anyone in your family can do your family’s duty session. To make it easier, children can come along, please keep a look out for them.

The Roster Duty Bond ($50) is paid when joining. If you are a no show at your rostered session and you do not contact us, we will deduct a fee from your bond.

At the end of your membership, if you have completed your required 4 sessions, the money will either be rolled over to the following membership year or
refunded if you choose not to renew.
Paying a Duty waiver (paying a fee instead of doing duty) is not available, as we solely rely on members to operate the Toy Library. If we increase the number of members in the future, we may offer this in certain situations.
Members may need to top up their bond at renewal where required.

If any fines are overdue or outstanding, they may also be taken from your bond.

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