About Membership

Our library is 100% member operated and we are proud of it! It is a service for the community run by the community.

How does it work?

By joining the Toy Library you will be able to borrow from our huge range of toys, along with helping the library operate by performing duty at 4 borrowing sessions as well as 1 annual stocktake session in November.

Toys are suitable for babies through to approximately 6 years.

Membership is on a ‘rolling’ basis i.e. 12 months from date of joining, not calendar year memberships.

Toys can be loaned for up to two weeks.

Members can borrow 4, 8 or 12 toys depending on their membership level.

For example, the Bronze membership, you may borrow 4 toys in total:

– 2 Activity, Baby, Construction, Discrimination or Expression Toys

– 2 Games, Music or Puzzle Toys

– Maximum of 1 very popular toy (Green Spot Toy)

Membership table ( Cost /Price ) 

Bronze Silver Gold Committee
Total Toys 4 8 12 8
Annual $50 $60 $70 $50
Concession $40 $50 $60 $40
Bond + $50 + $50 + $50 + $50
Renewal $50 $60 $70 Free
Activity, Construction, Dramatic Play Toys, Baby 2 4 6 4
Music or Puzzle Toys, Games 2 4 6 4
Maximum Popular Toys 1 2 3 3

Catalogues are available at the library (or click  here ) and describe the range of toys and manufacturer’s recommended age.

A $50 bond is also required when you join for the first time. This will be refunded when you notify us and complete a cancellation form, within 1 month of your membership ending or within 1 month of you notifying us via email/phone that you have cancelled at any time. Missing duty may also forfeit your bond. Bond will be refunded by bank transfer into your account or cheque as stated on the cancellation form.

How do I join?

  • Come along to a borrowing session with correct amount of cash or cheque
    *No eftpos or credit card facilities
  • Fill out a membership and safety waiver form
  • Ensure you bring:
    • Photo ID eg License
    • Proof of Address (eg. Australian licence, Utility Bill)
    •  Membership Fee & Bond (please bring correct amount) or cheque
      • Eg. Bronze Membership you will need $50 fee + $50 bond, total $100
    • Proof of concession for a reduced fee, ie: health care card.
  • Commit to 4 Roster duties per year and one 3-hour stocktake session per year (November)
  • Once joined – borrow immediately

You can also print and fill out the New Member Form, bring it to our borrowing session along with Photo ID, Proof of address, and Cash/Cheque.

You can find more detailed information about benefit of becoming a member and commitments as member in Information for New Member pack.

Toy Library Etiquette

Care of Toys

All toys must be returned in a clean condition.

Most toys can be washed with normal dishwashing liquid (e.g. use a toothbrush for corners).

Do not soak wooden toys or immerse baby toys in water, a hot damp cloth will do.

Construction sets can be soaked and left to drain overnight.

Ride-on toys must be brought inside overnight and not left in the hot sun.

Puzzles should be cleaned with a hot cloth and care taken with cardboard puzzles. Return puzzles wrapped in Gladwrap, all pieces in place.

For board games, wipe the boards and clean the play pieces.

Returning Toys

When returning your toys and they have been counted correctly, please help repackage the toy and return all toys to the correct shelf.


All members perform 4 duty sessions per year, 1 duty per term. Please note that other people ( husband, wife, grandparents, neighbours , etc..) can fill in for you, if you can’t make it to your roster duty session.

You are welcome to visit the library during any opening session to learn more about the library.

Oakleigh Toy Library – built, maintained and run by its members .