What to do when you’re on duty

This duty cheat sheet contains  summary of what duty member and key person need to do during duty . This document and the table layout is available on the folder in the toy library cupboard.

Borrowing Rights

Each member child can borrow 4 toys from the following categories:

2 white card toys (Activity, Baby, Construction, Discrimination & Expression) &

2 yellow card toys (Games, Music, Puzzles)

Only 1 green spot toy per child.

Green spot toys are the most popular and most frequently borrowed.

They will have a green spot on the card, bag or toy.

The number of member children is marked on the membership envelope.

Committee Members can borrow an extra green spot toy per child.

Missing pieces

If a piece is discovered to be missing when the toy is returned:

Ask the member to re-borrow the toy for another 2 weeks to give them a chance to locate the piece.

N.B.  Green spot toys can only be re-borrowed for one week.

Re-stamp the borrowing card to show the new due date.

Place a red coloured spot (sticker) on the member’s envelope labelled “Missing Piece Re-borrow”.

Write the toy number and date on the sticker.

Toys Library Etiquettes


Like all families, we also have our family values, below are some of them 

  1. Show up for your duty

Please consider the consequences if a memer didn’t show up for duty, the library is closed. Closed library means no toys for our kids.  If you can’t make it , you can ask someone else to come on your behalf . To know more about what to do when you can’t make it for duty, go to Roster page.

2.Please don’t arrive to return/borrow toys 10 minutes before closing time

When you are borrowing toys can you please make sure you allow enough time to select, count and check out the toys. This ensures that people on duty do not have to stay any longer than the required duty time. Members have the right to refuse borrowing 10 minutes before closing time.

  1. Return your borrowed toys to the correct shelf

Once the duty members count your toys, please put them back in the correct shelves.

  1. Check the batteries, if the toy needs new batteries, if time permits change it or put the toys in maintenance cupboard

Batteries and screwdriver are stored in the plastic cabinet in the bottom draw. We encourage you to use the screwdriver and change them during session or ask a duty member to assist. Otherwise please ask the duty member to place the toy in the maintenance cupboard, and fill in the maintenance sheet in the duty folder as to why.

  1. Finish your borrowing 10 minutes before closing time

We’re all volunteer and we all have kids. Time is very precious to us, so please respect each other time.

  1. Be your own sheriff

Rules, penalties, and fines are in place to ensure fairness. Thus, if you do the crime, you have to do the time. Well.. pay the fines in our case.
Some of the common broken rules : we can only borrow toys for 2 weeks, if you’re late in returning the toys, there’s a penalty fee of $1-$2 per session missed. Each missing piece cost $5 (if found, you get a refund).
All the fines and penalties are going back to the toy library community.

  1. Be nice and respectful

Abuse and rudeness are not tolerated. Only G-rated language please!!

– Oakleigh Toy Library – build, maintain, and run by its members-