General Duties:

  • Attend general meetings, and submit a monthly report
  • Participate in Committee decisions
  • Participate in other Committee activities as required.


Other Duties:

  • Point of contact for external enquiries
  • Manage the relationship with City of Monash and the Monash Halls Management Committee, including applying for in-kind support each year
  • Point of contact for members with any queries, or problems (this duty is shared with the Vice President and Membership Coordinator)
  • Oversee general running of Toy Library; converse with all committee members in regards to their jobs and assist them to fulfil their positions where necessary.¬† Working especially closely with Treasurer and Secretary to fulfill legal requirements.
  • Chair monthly committee meetings and submit annual report.
  • Coordinate follow up of overdue toys
  • Take disciplinary action with members if necessary
  • Clear PO Box and distribute mail to appropriate committee members