Sewing Coordinator


  • Pick up new toys from the Toy Coordinator and return them in shiny new bags.
  • Make toy bags based on our current method (sewing plastics to fabrics), paying attention to detail.
  • Attending committee meetings is optional.


  • The role comes with expert training … 🙂
  • You have first access to all the new toys needing bags!!!
  • Based on our method, no measuring required!
  • May need to replace or fix the occasional bag.
  • All materials can be supplied to you, or you can purchase them as needed and be reimbursed.
  • We have a sewing machine for you to use; no overlocking is required.
  • We realise making bags can take time, and that you’ll have time one week but not the next – that’s OK.
  • Small bags can take around half an hour, big bags can takenaround an hour, and a super-big bag for a heavy toy can take longer again. But it’s very rewarding to see your bag up on the shelves, and the toy library members appreciate it!! The toys stay together and clean, are easier to handle and have a great window for members to see inside, adding to their appeal.