General Duties:

  • Attend general meetings and submit a monthly report
  • Participate in Committee decisions as required
  • Participate in other Committee activities as required


  • Maintain complete and accurate financial records, by recording all income and expenditure in either an excel spreadsheet or manual cashbook.
  • Organise collection and receipt of payments to the toy library and make payments as authorised by the committee
  • Monthly reconciliation with bank statement
  • Maintain asset register
  • Arrange annual audit of financial records with an independent accountant and submit a report to the AGM
  • Act as Public Officer:
    • Responsible for Incorporation of library
    • Send annual returns, audit, AGM minutes and “Annual Statement of public Office” to Dept. of Justice
    • Liaise with Registrar as necessary
    • Understanding of obligations regarding Incorporations Act
  • Maintain supplies of payment envelopes and receipt books for duty equipment
  • Maintain and balance cash box used for duty
  • Organise for cheque signatories to be changed on bank account as required